Religious Education

Parents are the primary and most important educators of their children. They are charged with the responsibility of the total care of their children; they have the awesome duty of teaching their children not only the fundamentals of everyday living but also of imparting to them the knowledge of God and God's love for them through our Catholic faith. They are helped in this task by the Church which makes available for this purpose dedicated teachers equipped with classroom materials which are age-appropriate to the child's understanding.

2018–2019 Religious Education Program

The Religious Education Program of St. Anthony's Parish is dynamic and growing. We have weekly Religious Education classes for Kindergarten through High School on Wednesdays from the beginning of October (October 3, 2018) through late April. Kindergarten through 5th grade is from 4:00–5:15 pm. Middle School and High School is from 6:30–8:00 pm.

We urge everyone to take and read the weekly Parish Bulletin since this is our best means of communicating information. Proper use of the bulletin will greatly reduce letter writing, postage, phone calls, and missed information.

Please contact Director of Religious Education Tom Caudle at (307) 587-2567 (Parish Center) with questions or for more information about our program.

Catholic Youth Social Activities

St. Anthony's has a comprehensive Youth Program. This program includes kindergarten through high school. Our program includes catechesis, socialization, and service, both to the parish and to the community. We will have Eucharistic retreats, vocation retreats, chastity retreats and will attend diocesan youth functions. Our program is predicated on the idea that we will have total family involvement in all aspects of the program and not just in catechesis.